Thank you for visiting my Website. My name is Fabiana and I am a Peruvian-American communicator.

Why AskFab.com? The truth is... it was a short, easy-to-remember domain name that I bought some time ago and I thought it was about time to use it.

My goal with this Website / Blog is to exchange ideas on diverse topics such as:
- marketing communications
- digital and social media
- technology
- video production and editing
- multilingualism
- cultural and feminist issues.

I would also like to use this space as my professional portfolio. I will add some demo pieces as soon as I am able to.

Feel free to contribute to the posts and share if you find something you like.

Let's keep in touch -

Favorite Links

I have added a new picture to my slider: Skyline of Tampa. The picture was taken by professional photographer Ron Lowe, he was kind enough to let me use it on my Website.  Be sure to LIKE his Facebook page and check out his wonderful portfolio.

Monica Miller Rodgers, owner of Aubia Communications, invited me to write a blog post on video for her company's communications blog. Here it is: 5 Reasons you Should be Producing Video Content.



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